As a member of the Vietnam Smart group, is operating in the field of mechanical engineering, we are proud to be prestige and professional provider with many kind of products such as: molds, fixtures and metal processed products for domestic and foreign partners with high quality. Our mission is giving to customers the products with high precision, optimal technical and perfect service quality.


We are constantly developing human resources, technology investment, the process and regulation activities standardization to bring the Comprehensive products in Quality - Progress – Service to Partner

Our philosophy "Excellence in the field of activity": We effort to become the best in all that we have chosen to do.


Since then, the customer’s trust is a prerequisite for us to continue growing stronger.

"Customer success is our success": The message confirms the success of SMARTPM we have when we accompany and bring success to customers.


"People are the greatest asset": A quality product and excellent service provided to customers must be derived from people who have high professional competence,  full responsibility spirit, strong willingness, beautiful morality suitable for society’s standard, keep moving forward to true value which was respected by community .


"The company is  home": All members work  and share responsibility together  than comply power. SMARTPM is a common house, where each employee associated with the success of the company.


With the constant effort of all staff and enthusiastic support of our customers, partners inside and outside the country, I totally believe that SMARTPM will continue reaching many successes in the future, confirm the position and our brand is not only in Vietnam but also in South Asian countries.

Thank you for visiting our website.

We look forward to co-oporate with you


Yours respectfully!