New materials: No lack of material, only lack of strategy

New materials: No lack of material, only lack of strategy

New materials such as fiberglass; composites; vitreous (soundproofing, insulation, fire protection); optical fiber; High-voltage insulators; Technical ceramics (heat resistance, high abrasion resistance, ceramic insulators, ceramic biology ...) with domestic demand growing, but most still have to import.

TS. Le Van Thanh, Director of Consulting hần industrial construction and urban Vietnam, said in Vietnam, output per capita annually of fiberglass composite materials to reach 0.1 kg / person, while other ASEAN countries the average is 4.4 kg / person.

No lack of "mine" material 

In Vietnam to produce various kinds of fiberglass composite materials, it can produce more or less based resins, glass fiber reinforcement while reinforcing fibers are completely imported. Can confirm the fact in the country so far has not produced any plant of this material. There were only white cement factory Pacific, capacity of 25,000 tons / year. 

Dated 4/9/2008, Ultra Pure Core Group (UPC) of Israel and Fiber Optics Corporation Vietnam signed a cooperation constructed at My Phuoc 3 Industrial Zone (Ben Cat district, Binh Duong province) factory the first optical fiber in Southeast Asia, with a total capital of up to $ 150 million. 

According to many experts, the cause of this situation is due to the industry in general material production and production of new materials in particular, requires two important premises. It is the raw material for making materials and fuels for burning product training. Regarding raw materials for manufacturing materials, there are many sources to provide raw materials, refined processing but still not considered appropriate investment. 

Fuel, suitable and most economical as natural gas, but the access to fuel sources also requires more investment and favorable only to places not too far from the mine. However, a prerequisite for the development of manufacturing industry new materials in a few localities in the country is absolutely real. 

Experts confirmed that the white sand; kaolin; mineral sand ... is the source of raw materials for the manufacturing industry, new materials, have a lot in many localities in the country has reserves of at least hundreds of millions of m3, quality is assessed on leading categories, with 97-99% silica content. 

For years, white sand mined from these localities have been exported to many countries around the world, to become the kind of high-grade crystal, float glass, glass fibers, electronic components of high-tech. .. 

Titan, which is considered the material of the future, because there are advantages that Vietnam is not metal, in Vietnam also estimated reserves of approximately 34.5 million tons and was accompanied by about 3.6 million Zircon tonnes. 

These years, mineral sand resources are exploited and exported after preliminary processing of raw sugar, in many ways, has caused losses to the budget, has ruined the landscape environment. At the same time every year still has to import a large amount of products from titanium and tens of millions of dollars / year for superfine zircon products. 

Need a development strategy 

Therefore, in order to develop the industrial sector of materials, especially new material; ensure the competitiveness of products created, need to have a strategy on raw materials. 

TS. Le Van Thanh confirmed, we can not sell the raw material sales, which should apply the mining technology and advanced processing of refined, modern, so that the post-processing of raw materials refined quality standards high volume production to meet the product meets the competitiveness on the domestic market and internationally. 

This is a field of industry specialization level is very high, is an independent industry according to international practices. 

"Plan for producing raw materials for construction materials" to the Prime Minister for approval, has emphasized the need to encourage investment heavily in refining and processing of raw materials to meet the needs of manufacturers float glass products, ceramic tiles, sanitary wares. It's immediate requirements, but in the near future to meet the production needs of the new materials such as fiberglass, composites, electronic components of high-tech. 

Many experts admit, until the present time, local Quang Tri meets the initial conditions to be able to develop industries producing new material. The first is the natural materials available at the site, especially the white sand mine has a high silicon content, has reserves of billions m3 in Hai Lang, Trieu Phong. 

Attracting investments in the field of refining and processing raw materials is entirely possible. Quang Tri has a huge advantage which other central provinces (especially the provinces with sandy materials) do not have, which is in the easternmost location shortest frontage to East Sea Economic Corridor East West (EWEC) and the matrix is in general economic development of the entire eventful EWEC. 

Currently there are hundreds of businesses in Japan, South Korea, China, the United States is interested in investing in this area. 

Natural gas fuel sources also hopeful and optimistic. According Corporation Oil and Gas Trading, only Quang Tri coast about 110 km, at Lot 113 natural gas fields that have reserves of up to 66-100 billion m3. 

If compared with natural gas field in southwestern areas (Ca Mau coast 289 km) just over 52 billion m3 of reserves, of which Vietnam is only entitled to 50%, the gas resources in Block 113 is huge. It not only ensures long-term requirements of industrial baked product preparation of new materials, but also for many other manufacturing industries in Quang Tri and country. 

There has been a company Sibelco (Belgium) are conducting research to build the plant and crushed silica sand recruitment. With this sand resources with offshore energy sources are brought ashore, the construction of a factory producing artificial paving stones for export, has also been working to establish Mine JSC investment projects. That's a good sign foretold the future industrial development of new materials in Quang Tri.